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Why we LOVE Woods!


" I stand in awe of the coaches each time I watch them work with our girls.  The dedication and passion displayed for these girls stems from an incredible place of love."  ~ Jamie

"My daughter has developed fierce determination, confidence, and fortitude.  She has learned to feel her disappointments fully, but with grace, and then to let them go and not dwell on them.  She is mastering skills at Woods that will truly serve her for the rest of her life, in and out of the gym." ~ Julie


"The positive environment that's been created at Woods is unparalleled.  I can't tell you how much it means to me when the whole gym is called to attention to watch one of their teammates perform a new skill.  I have a video of my daughter doing a round-off back handspring for the first time, and all the girls are chanting "Come on!  You can do it!" as she gets ready and then they all cheer and clap after she does it.  I've watched that video a zillion times, and I tear up every single time - It's so wonderful for her to be part of a gym in which the girls support each other and cheer each other on!" ~ Cindy


We love Woods because my 3 yr old is learning so much!  The teachers are really great and really know what they are doing and make it fun for all ages!  ~ Angela

"I love everything about Woods!  I love that the coaches are so nice and how they coach me.  I love my friends there and I like how clean it is."  ~ Lila 8 yrs. old

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